Printed material gives your brand a physical presence. From high-end brochures and eye-catching leaflets, to packaging and label design, print doesn’t have to be expensive or use complicated techniques to be effective.


Sometimes all you need is the right idea, executed creatively, to have maximum impact.

landmark brochure

Celebratory 80-page brochure, featuring premium print finishing to elevate the design and reflect the impressive body of work within.

teen magazine

Bright, innovative graphics and exciting layouts to appeal to and engage with young people.

annual report

Unlike standard annual reports, this is bold and bright and incorporates innovative print techniques to elevate the feel of the report.

soft drinks rebrand

Featuring colourful, hand-drawn illustrations for a fresh authentic feel, these label designs reflect a drinks range that is bursting with flavour.

cross-fold mailer

Utilising an eye-catching, contemporary format to engage with an older audience and appeal to their curiosity; turning stereotypes on their head with bright, bold graphics.

theatre programme

Contemporary graphics give a modern spin to this traditional musical’s theatre programme.

campaign pack

A stand-alone direct mail campaign with eye-catching, graphics and headlines, celebrates the important work carried out by the recipients.

press advert

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best; using an  iconic superhero mask image to grab the reader’s attention and tell them all about this excellent HR Heroes course.

exhibition brochure

This exhibition brochure showcases the art displayed in the Moyse’s Hall Museum 2021 exhibition: Observations – The Mary Beale Collection.

campaign pack (16 year olds)

This direct mail campaign pack for young people aged 16+, is designed convince them that their opinions matter and they really can make a difference.

campaign pack (10 year olds)

Following the success of the Youth Pack for 16 year olds, the client commissioned a new pack specifically for 10 year olds.

museum installation

An original, large-scale ‘Crime-Line’ installation for Moyse’s Hall Museum’s newly revamped Crime & Punishment Gallery.