campaign pack

This direct mail campaign pack has an important message; designed to appeal to 16 year olds, it seeks to convince them that their opinions do matter and, explains how they can really can make a difference.


The client provided a very open brief with fantastic creative freedom, enabling me to create impactful headlines and accompanying graphics, with a powerful hook that would appeal to and engage with this demographic.

Campaign pack

The brief / project objectives

The pack features:

  • An Information wallet to contain all of the below items, featuring the main campaign message, to immediately engage with the young person.
  • A 12-page stitched booklet presenting the key facts and build on the main campaign message; essentially explaining why the young person is so important to this study.
  • 8-page concertina booklet featuring reassuring facts about the adult survey, the process and how sensitive data is dealt with securely.
  • Change of details and instant feedback postcard  incentivising the young person to get involved straight away, with the chance to win a trendy polaroid camera.
Youth pack contents

The campaign message Think Again not only challenges any preconceptions young people may have about their opinions not counting, it asks them to rethink if they’re considering leaving the survey. They will also be asked them to think carefully about their opinions and values when completing the survey, so Think Again is also relevant to this process of reflection. 


The graphics are free and loose and signify individuality, freedom of speech and the value of individual ideas. While the campaign slogan is depicted in large, heavy type to immediately get the point across, the smaller hand-rendered fonts add a lighter tone and a sense of down-to-earth approachability and non-conformity, to appeal to this young demographic.

Each piece in the pack features a hand rendered graphic stamp on the cover, that re-enforces the message about the participant’s opinions counting and how they really can make a difference. The central ‘16+’ also suggests the young person is now eligible to join what was before out-of-bounds – so adding a note of exclusivity.

The wallet was created as a bespoke piece to contain all of the information within, so the cutter was drawn from scratch – all from recyclable card with no plastic fastenings.