thank you pack

Understanding Society, an academic study capturing information every year about the social and economic circumstances and attitudes of people living in the UK, wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to all interviewers in the study.



As a stand-alone direct mail campaign, the packaging needed to be eye-catching and bold, featuring a message that would instantly acknowledge the importance of the work the interviewers do, whilst thanking them for their efforts.

The brief / project objectives

I was briefed to create a container that would be easy to post directly to the recipients, with enough depth to accommodate a thank you card, five motivational postcards plus some tea bags and biscuits too. The client would then write the content for the postcards etc once the creative idea had been established.


The “BRIGHTER TOMORROW’ message and graphics completely fill the front of the box,  spilling onto the sides, visually emphasising the enormity of the work. Sunburst graphics shine through the typography, signifying positivity and visually illustrating the ‘brighter’ message.

The back of the box simply features the Understanding Society logo and web / social media details, with plenty of clear space for postage labels.

This panoramic format is continued across the printed contents within, allowing the key words to really take prominence. Simple graphics embellish the words, keeping the tone light-hearted and the message clear. The large typography continues to bleed off the page, again denoting the size and importance of the message.


The colours are all slightly muted tones from the Understanding Society brand palette, to further distinguish this pack as something completely different from everything the Interviewers will have seen before. This creates the feeling of a one-off piece of communication; something unique created in celebration of the important work carried out.

Each of the postcards feature a strong, motivational message on the front, with more detailed information on the reverse around this subject; with simple infographics to illustrate and underline the importance of the statistics.