annual report

The Understanding Society Annual Report for 2021 was published in August 2022, giving an overview of a selection of the achievements of the Study over the 12 months of 2021. 

As this was the first printed annual report following the pandemic and the temporary move to digital publications, Understanding Society were keen to create a unique, stand-out piece that was unlike standard annual reports; with bold, bright graphics that celebrated the return to relative normality.

The brief / project objectives

The client wanted a brochure that incorporated innovative print techniques, to really elevate the feel of the report and reflect the significance of the content within.


The glossy cover features die-cut circles that reveal small sections of an illustration that spans the reverse of the cover and an additional throwout leaf, which folds beneath the cover. The full illustration reflects the diversity of the UK population, in terms of age, ethnicity and gender. By revealing specific people / groups of people through the apertures of the cover, we visually illustrate the focus of the surveys and how different people / groups of people are analysed in the Study, to represent the diversity of the UK population.


The illustrations are comprised of block colour (in the Understanding Society colour pallet) with overlapped layers to give a screen-print effect. This creates a distinctive style that flows through the publication, signifying the overlapping themes of the study and analysis.

The illustrations within the circles on the first reveal expands the focus from people, to wider issues, such as covid / eduction / people living in rural or urban areas / transport etc. I created the illustrations throughout this brochure by drawing over photographic images to create an illustrative effect, that has a light tone but with a sense of realism. The circular theme, from the cover and throughout, reflects Understanding Society’s brand identity, but used in a completely new and exciting way.

Download the digital copy by clicking here or on the image.