museum installation

Moyse’s Hall Museum commissioned an original, large-scale timeline installation, to sit in the museum’s newly revamped Crime & Punishment Gallery. The ‘Crime-Line’ details major events in Crime & Punishment history, with Bury St Edmunds related ‘highlights’. 


This was an absolute gem of a project, as I was given complete free rein in the graphic realisation of the information given to me.


The brief / project objectives

The museum collated dates, snippets of information and a selection of photos about the history of crime in our region and passed this over to me, with no further instruction other than the dimensions of the installation. 

My first objective was therefore to create a visual system that would clearly lead the viewer’s eye through the dates. This snaking timeline neatly accommodates all of the dates, with the information added below. By colour-coding blue for national dates and taupe for local ones, I devised a system whereby the viewer could quickly decipher the nature of the information. To add more context to the timeline, I also added further dates of national importance (in white), . The ornate title (with the scales of justice integrated), the natural, earthy colour palette and the heritage graphics all give the artwork an historic feel, so the installation is very much in-keeping with the  feel of the museum.


The success of the Crime-Line installation has led to the museum deciding to reproduce the artwork as an A1 poster, which is now being sold in the museum shop, following multiple requests from the public!