campaign pack for 10 year olds

Following the success of the Youth Pack for 16 year olds, the client commissioned a new pack specifically for 10 year olds, following the same physical format of an exciting branded wallet containing a booklet and a leaflet, plus also a pen set.



With a much brighter colour palette to appeal to this younger age group, the design across the campaign features a distinctive wallpaper, featuring the number 10 in a myriad of fonts, behind bold comic-style graphics, to introduce the campaign with a bang! 

The brief / project objectives

The tone of voice is punchy and seeks to excite the young audience to find out what’s within the pack and want to get involved.

The pack features:

  • An Information wallet to contain all of the below items, featuring the main campaign message, to immediately engage with the young person.
  • A 12-page stitched booklet presenting the key facts and build on the main campaign message; essentially explaining why the young person is so important to this study.
  • 6-page concertina booklet featuring reassuring facts about the adult survey, the process and how sensitive data is dealt with securely.
  • Pack of pens branded in the same style.

The number 10 is an important part of the visual branding, as we know that children of this age are usually proud of having reached ‘double-digits’. The language is light-hearted without being patronising and the graphics are fun and engaging; with a contemporary colour palette that steers clear of traditional gender-based colour palettes. The leaflets are interactive, allowing the children to draw directly onto the pages, to reflect their own experiences and as such enrich the survey outcome.