exhibition brochure

This retrospective exhibition brochure showcases the unique collection of 17th Century fine art portraiture, curated in the Moyse’s Hall Museum 2021 exhibition, entitled Observations: The Mary Beale Collection.

The brief / project objectives

This brochure was commissioned to collect together the entire content of the exhibition; including photographs of the paintings and other 17th Century artefacts, plus the historical background and contextual analysis of each exhibit.


A panoramic image of one of the key pieces spans the front and back cover of the brochure. The heritage ink typography and period canvas background, both on the cover and throughout the brochure, reflect the historic nature of the exhibition. The inner pages celebrate the artwork, leading the reader through the content of the exhibition with large images and highlighted quotes, that bring fresh visual interest to each spread.

It is beautifully put together and made my day to receive it.”
Emma Boyd “Keeper of Art and Place” Gainsborough House



“It really is quite a wonderful and exquisite publication and what a special memory of the Observations exhibition! I am very impressed with the quality of reproduction, the portraits look exceptional. I guess that can always be a challenge for a publisher but the quality is great – Mary would be proud!”

The Reverend Lynda Sebbage (Incumbent St Bartholomew’s, Barrow, Mary Beales’ place of birth)

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