simple sun range

Simple wanted to freshen up the look across all the products in their sun-care range, with a complete rebrand. The iconic flower/sun designs, with stylised petals and SPF number within, became the focal point of each bottle front. The aftersun products featured a ‘setting’ flower/sun, the Baby and Toddler products featured a more cartoony version and the more premium products featured a metallic bronze version.

The brief / project objectives

My initial concepts began with the design of the flower/sun graphic, as a metaphor for the natural, nurturing ingredients that are used by Simple in their products.  I then designed the labels for the front and back of each bottle for the core products, aftersun, baby & toddler and the premium facial products too. I created icons to quickly, visually communicate specific selling points, and also carefully selected the colour of the bottle caps, to complement the new designs. It was a real privilege to work on this exciting project, from first drafts all the way through to overseeing the first major print-run.