simple baby skin care

Simple developed a new skincare range for babies in the early 00s and wanted compete with the market-leaders at that time; Johnson & Johnson. Simple’s new baby-care range was free from harsh ingredients, perfumes and colours, and so ideal for babies’ sensitive skin. 

As a major project for the agency I was working at (Brewer Riddiford, Covent Garden), all designers were given the change to pitch their ideas. My concepts were chosen by the client and I was awarded the project, rolling-out my designs over the complete range of baby skincare products.

The brief / project objectives

My design concept took the green ‘swooshes’ from the existing Simple skincare packaging and I then added a stylised line-illustration of a small animal, nestled gently in the green leaves. Each animal illustration reflected the purpose of the product (so a little duck represented bath, a cotton-tailed bunny for lotion, etc)  and varied in colour to create distinction between the products. The visual imagery and gentle tone of this range effectively communicated Simple’s key messages about nurturing and protect babies’ sensitive skin.

As a completely new sub-brand for Simple, the project included not only the label design, but also a new logo for Simple Baby. By incorporating the word ‘baby’ in pastel green, lower-case letters with soft rounded edges, the new sub-brand identity conveyed a gentle, nurturing feel that would appeal to our target audience of new parents.