digital case studies

Understanding Society follows the same people over a long period of time, in a  longitudinal household study, providing unique insights about life in the UK.

I’ve worked with this client to produce several academic case studies, exploring various subjects in depth. This case study explains how government used data collected to model changes in household income after furlough introduced.

Case Study

the brief / project objectives

I was commissioned to create a distinctive look across a series of case studies. I achieved this by using slightly desaturated photography and a darker colour palette. The rounded edges of the imagery the reflect the circles of the Understanding Society logo on each page, enlarged to the point of abstraction and creating a synergy across each page. Each Case Study follows a colour theme and the graphs have all been redrawn to fit within the overall styling.

These case studies were designed for digital use only, so as to be easily downloaded and widely circulated and, where applicable, featuring hyperlinks to enable the reader to click through to other helpful resources.



Click here to see this full case study and click on the images below to see the other three case studies in this series.