digital annual report

The Understanding Society Annual Report for 2022 was published both digitally and in print.  So it was important to create a design that would work effectively in both formats, effectively showcasing the key achievements of the Study over the previous 12 months. 

The brief / project objectives

Understanding Society were keen to create a unique, stand-out brochure that stood apart from standard annual reports; with bold, bright graphics to really elevate the feel of the report and reflect the significance of the content within.

I developed a distinctive visual style that incorporates photographic and illustrative elements, to bring the layouts to life and illustrate the important statistics in a lively and engaging way. The images carefully reflect the diversity of the UK population and those that are analysed in the Study. The illustrative elements bring in the colours from the the Understanding Society brand pallet and also help to distinguish the various sections of the report.

Download the digital copy by clicking here or on the image.