trailblazer illustrations

Cancer Campaign in Suffolk (CCiS) are an are inherently local charity, set up in 1998. Their dedicated team includes complementary therapists, counsellors, educators, ambassadors and business brains that work together to educate and support the people of Suffolk.

I¬†worked with this charity to design superhero characters, to incentivise women to come forward to be ‘Suffolk Screening Trailblazers’. Publicising the campaign on social media and via GP surgeries, the charity’s aim is to get 100% of women to attend Suffolk’s screening programme; for cervical cancer or breast cancer.

The brief / project objectives

The brief was initially to create one female superhero, with a body-positive figure and not too young or old. We then decided to feature her alongside two female allies, linking arms in solidarity. Then, as the campaign evolved to include bowel screening and the charity wanted to reach out to men too, I created a male superhero, who again represented a ‘realistic’ body type.

Finally, as part of this campaign CCiS have initiated a new project called Rubbish Walks. The premise is to walk, talk and give back to the local community with a litter pick; for people who are experiencing cancer in some way, whether themselves or a close family member or friend.