Aromapersonal is an innovative range of cleaning and personal products, with beautiful fragrances for home carers. The products contain essential oils and natural ingredients for the therapeutic benefit of the carer and the person being cared for.

the brief / project objectives

Creation of a brand identity and product labels for two completely new, pioneering product ranges that offer hygiene and odour management solutions for home carers:

  • Home care – hygiene and odour management
  • Personal care – hygienic and aromatic skin care for carers

Due to the sensitive nature of the products, which were created to deal with personal and embarrassing issues, the key objective was to design something that would feel discreet and look appealing in a domestic bathroom; as opposed to the current indiscreet and industrial looking products that were the only option in the existing market.

The imagery of the angel on the packaging represents the carer, who often endures the understandable frustration of the patient and who needs endless patience and stamina to give the care that’s needed day after day. The angel is unisex and could be any age, and is throwing flowers to symbolise the carefully frangranced products, which contain essential oils and natural ingredients. 

The overall tone of the logo and the label design is friendly and uncomplicated, with an elegance conveyed by the gold foil on the angel and label edges. 

The hand-drawn elements and the slightly wavy strokes of the font add a sense of honesty and reflect the domestic, personal environment. The bespoke set of branded badges visually communicate the products’ important USPs.


Having created the initial brand identity, I designed the labels and supplied the artwork for the complete range of products, including 22 bottles, pots and tubs and 11 swing-tags to go on the more industrial products. 


The swing-tags were the clients’ genius idea that meant the more sensitive information about the purpose of the product could be removed, when placed in the home where the nursing takes place.