Acuro Group is a new company offering a range of services for new build homes. Their key objective is to raise standards through snagging, inspection and surveying, using cutting-edge technology to deliver a fully-comprehensive service.


The brief / project objectives

This new company was formed by the directors of two existing businesses; Snagwise Ltd and Hawkeye Snagging. With no idea yet on what to call their new company, the clients were looking for a name as well as a visual brand identity. 

Together we brainstormed lots of name ideas, before the client settled on Acuro, derived from the Latin verb accuro; to take care of something. The meaning behind the name then inspired the visual identity: A home icon, symbolising the objective of this client’s business is nestled within the ‘o’ of Acuro. The stylising of the ‘o’ makes it look as if it is rotating around the home icon, signifying the complete service this company provides.

The circle-home icon also becomes a powerful graphic emblem, which can be used in isolation as an effective branding tool across Acuro Group’s marketing.

To strengthen the brand further, I created a suite of sub-logos to reflect the diverse range of services Acuro Group provides. This enables the client to quickly and professionally communicate their specialist services at a glance.

Acuro brand id

The company directors were keen to retain some synergy between the identities of their two existing businesses (as shown below) and Acuro Group, so I carefully chose the yellow ochre and navy to achieve this.


Finally, I incorporated both of these existing logos into a co-brand logo with Acuro Group. I distilled each logo into its simplest form and adjusted the colour to the new palette, whilst retaining the key elements to make sure each logo remains instantly recognisable, yet clearly under the umbrella of the main Acuro Group brand.

Snagwise & Hawkeye Ltd
Acuro Co-brand

here’s what the client thinks

“Joy was professional, responsive, kind, and great to work with. She took on our ideas, visuals, and suggestions with ease and provided us with professional and respectable logo’s for our new group business and services. We would highly recommend CreativeJoy and wish Joy the best of luck in the future.”

Jake Wing | Director

Acuro Group